The Just Dua It Masjid Project 

Our goal is to provide an outlet for muslims all over the world where they can wear high quality jewellery that represents what they believe in while giving back to our community. For every purchase made on our website you will be contributing to building a Masjid in poorer areas.

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Mosque Al-Salam

We believe as Muslims that every person deserves a safe home and a place where they can learn the Quran, pray and worship Allah SWT. Right now the situation in Uganda is very bad as you can see in the video above. Many orphans are sleeping in the street or in mud hut that can fall down when it rains. 

That is why we are using portion of the profits from every purchase you make on our website to help build a mosque that will give more than 100 orphans and street children a secure home but also a educational place with a imam that will teach them everything from learning to read the Quran to how to perform Salah and strengthen their relation with Allah SWT πŸ™

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) said: "Whoever helps build a mosque, desiring thereby Allah’s pleasure, Allah builds for him the like of it in paradise"

Meet Our Project Leader

Meet our project leader Salam Gockel.

Salam Gockel runs charity organization called "Act for Children Around the World" and works closely with a local organization in Uganda on the ground. 

Salam has been helping the children in Uganda for a while now. In fact he raised enough money to build a school for the children in Uganda in 2019 and continues to amaze me with his generosity every day.

If you have any questions about the masjid build or want to help more in anyway, you can reach Salam at any of the following resources:


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Masjid Build Updates

Our team has finally raised enough money to begin building the very first masjid in Uganda.

This just makes that piece of jewelry or clothing you own even more special.
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All updates on this project build can be found on our Instagram by clicking πŸ‘‰  here.

Thank you again for your support, really. This could not have been possible without your support.